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The Guardian of the Night Tarot offers you a unique blend of energy as Tarot and animal spirits come together.


 As the cards come to life, I draw upon each animal's essence as it is infused in every card of this deck, adding another layer of energy to your reading. From bats to bees, from elephants to elk, you will discover a global collection of animal energy ready to help guide you on your journey. The creatures of this deck offer to your reading their individual gift of wisdom and inspiration. 

Get a feel for the energy of this deck


Close your eyes and find a moment of quiet. When the time is right open your eyes and move the cards around until one calls to you. Click on it and your guide will appear.

Please note that this is a work in progress and all the cards are not yet available. I am also adding the meanings and descriptions. Your support of this deck will help fund this little extra project as well! 

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