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There is no need to fear the dark, for the darkness does not concern itself with you.


It has but one function—offer you an endless space to create.


It is in the darkness, in the wee hours of the night, our inventive minds get busy from illustrating lavish, blissful dreams that keep us nestled warmly in our bed to nightmarish images and shadow creatures that lurk about on the walls filling our head full of dread. 


The Guardian of the Night Tarot offers guidance as we navigate our way through a dark time. It is not a tool to wash away or banish the darkness as it is here; many divine dreams emerge. Instead, this deck will help you uncover the gifts that nourish the soul. It will bring to your awareness of the beauty that lines the path. Walk confidently as your guide will also help you discover the pesky gremlins that set traps, hoping to keep you up for another sleepless night.  

No, there is no need to fear the dark for the shadow that dances around the room is you. 


About the Deck

Because The Guardian of the Night is based on the traditional messages of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, you will find this deck easy to connect with right from the box. Although I may tell the story a little differently, the underlying message and energy will be one that is comforting and familiar. 

  • Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith card meanings, this deck will be easy to use for new Tarot readers as well as an interesting alternative for professional or well-seasoned tarot readers

  • 78 beautifully illustrated works of art that come together to create a collection that will offer an enchanting reading whether you pulling one card or many. 

  • independently produced by the artist, not sold in stores.

  • Card Size 3"x5" premium 300gsm cardstock

  • Sturdy 2 Piece Box

  • Includes a signed by the artist full-size (5x8) guidebook

  • Eco-friendly packaging (no plastic wrapping)

  • Made with love by an artist who is passionate about creating—not just a tarot deck, but a collection of art that inspires you to travel within. 

About MJ Cullinane

Hello, I'm MJ, and this is my fourth Tarot deck. My first deck, the Crow Tarot (winner of two 2019 CARTA awards), began my journey as a Tarot illustrator. However, I have been an artist for as long as I can recall. As per my mother, as I was too young to remember this event, apparently, at a young age, I went door to door trying to sell my drawings. Even back then, I knew I didn't want to make art as a hobby, I wanted art to be my career. This is my purpose; this is what I am here to do. It only took 45 some odd years to realize that my passion sits in the world of Tarot as I not only get to make the art I love—I also see how it benefits others. It's not just a pretty picture on the wall; it is a tool that brings clarity and joy, and hopefully, some appreciation for the artwork itself. I thoughtfully design each of my decks to be intuitive, and you will find the energy of each is unique. My latest deck began a month into our Shelter in Place order. I am a single mom of a kiddo who is now home from school for the rest of the year. The Guardian of the Night brings an energy of hope, a sense of sadness at times, and a recognition for what has been lost. It is very much a journey in the making. 

I hope you will join me on this trip as I think we could all use the company. 

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